Saturday, 10 September 2016

恋のシグナル - aqua - ch 08: At The End of A Bright Morning

Preview CH  08: At The End of A Bright Morning
Mayu has tried millions of time to ask Inoochan for a date yet it was always failed, even now she has to use her free passes for a group date with all member of Kitagawa Council. Determine to tell Inoochan how she feels Mayu plans on confessing to him at that group date! Will her feeling reach him?

It's saturday it's time for JUMP fanfiction 恋のシグナル - aqua - (Koi no Signal - Aqua -)

Time for chapter 08 so visit ride-with-mii on LJ to read the full chapter.

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ps: I want to say thank you so much, much, much to those who have reading the story so far, I'm super happy! you don't know how happy you have make us feel, so thank you again so, so much, I love you all and I hope you keep on reading cause things will get pretty intense to the next chapters (upsie spoilers alert)

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