Friday, 9 September 2016

Masquerade PV Making Eng subbed

I always love seeing what was happening behind the scene of movies or pv and especially Hey!Say!JUMP pv making has always the one I look forward the most, watching their interaction is always amusing :)
this is a fan subbed made by chishii92@livejournal please do not share it on streaming web. I recommend you to visit her LJ and DL directly there by adding her as friend but to those who doesnt have LJ you can click on this blog. 
it's such an interesting PV Making like always :)
credit all goes to chishii92 please visit to see all of their subbed project :)


  1. Yuto : what r we filming right now?
    Yuya : I don't know
    Oh Yuya... (−_−;)