Friday, 23 September 2016

Late Post Hey!Say!JUMP 2016-2017 Photoshoot calendar

I know it's a super late post, like 2016 will ends soon.
But this is just my way of celebrating JUMP 9th anniversary:) bhuu reasons...I was just lazy ^^;;
The sources came from fenamelilia@LJ so I recommend you to be her friend and DL at her account directly.
But to those who don't own LJ account, you can click on this blog :)
Here are some of the example of pics you can get, but these pictures has been around the internet for some times so I dont think there will be any surprises :)

 It feels like a big happy family photo :)

 I would love to have some meals with Hey!Say!7

But goofing around with Hey!Say!BEST won't be so bad at all XD

 This is the calendar and Photoshoot package looked like, credit all goes to fena
 enjoy, I sure loves seeing them in a more relaxing and casual Photoshoot


  1. Hey may I know the RAR's password? I've came to Fena's LJ and add her as friend but I couldn't find her post about this calendar X( Thanks if you're willing to help me ^^v

  2. coudln't find the password :( but i did subscribed her lj, tho it seems that she hasn't been active for a while. T_T