Thursday, 6 October 2016

Itadaki High JUMP 2016.01.13

This Throwback Thursday we are going to review the episode of Itadaki High JUMP aired on 2016.01.13 featuring Yamachan and Yuyan.
The important assignment was to discover a new type of sushi, can we really make a sushi from the deep sea fishes. 
Yuyan was so excited cause he loves the sea.
And this episode is special to me in many ways, 
first the MC is Yamachan <3
second the assignment is for Yamachan <3... and Yuyan
Third I get to see Yamachan skill at making sushi <3
and lastly this is honestly the first time that I know he has allergy to crab... honestly hihihi

Yamachan and Yuyan went to Tokyo Bay that went surprisingly 1000m deep and many creatures that actually edible but is it going to taste good for sushi, it is up to Yamachan and Yuyan to find out.

they arrived at the first point that has 300m depth and try to fish. Yet even after an hour, they caught nothing, this time mission seems to be ended in vain. Yamachan says "Even jyanizu has things we can't do." and they starts mumbling "what should we do...?" that frustrated look on Yamachan is so cute. 

So they head out for 30 minutes to a different point where there's a net spread along 350m and to see if any of the deep sea creatures got into it. But what keeps on coming are prawns and King crabs (yummm<3) later on one by one a strange looking creatures or fishes came tangled on the net, it was so weird that some could make both Yuyan and Yamachan screaming in either disgust or fear hahahahaha. And then the man claimed as sea lovers, Yuyan was knocked down due to seasick ^^;; and let Yamachan do the assignment alone. 

Long story short with several deep sea creatures that they caught they went to a sushi restaurant to see if any of the fishes are taste good for sushi. Yet it didnt, either the meat is too plain or it taste awful. So this happened and it made me laugh...

 turned out the only deep sea creatures that is delicious as sushi are the prawns and king crabs only, why is Yamachan annoyed expression always makes my day... if we're friends I'll probably keep on annoyed him just to see that expression hahahaha

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