Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hey! Say!JUMP Live Tour DEAR Goodies

credit to rumiv6

credit to rensoratoayr
What a beautiful shaped penlight, though I still prefer the JUMPing Carnival Penlight since it was colorful and has a fun shape. But this penlight is actually really pretty it has that Venice feeling to it mysterious yet exciting, but somehow it looks fragile...maybe I should order it too to see it for myself reasons just say you want it! ^^;;

credit to xxxworld_nn

This year Uchiwa is really nice too, I usually not a fan of fan hehehe, I mean not a fan of uchiwa except those with traditional pattern but these uchiwa I think I want one, okay two...maybe four hahaha. Anyway they look attractive here, like a group of gentleman ready to waltz with you at the Ballroom and makes everyone envies at you...daydreaming....

As everyone knows the DEAR Live Tour 2016 goods actually already open for PO since few weeks ago, but surely it feels different when you receive it as you visit and watch the concert live. A fellow tobikko sharing these pictures are attending the Live Tour, I hope she can send my love and regret for unable to watch JUMP this year, maybe next year and year after that finger cross TT_TT

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