Saturday, 16 July 2016

About Us

Hi there!!!

Admin here, well its been years since my last blogging.
Once I own a blog at Multiply account, sadly its closed now. Anyway my old and closed blog was I posted songs from V6, News, KAT-TUN, Chemitry, Hirai Ken, random posts about Jyanizu, anime and even quizes. It was such fun time, and I wish to have fun again here!  
if any of you happen to know that name or maybe even we were once friend in multiply lets be friend again, I sure miss all my multiply friends.

Basically this blog will be about sharing things that I love, you'll soon found out what those are hehehe.
And place to post my stories since I love writing and daydreaming, cross that together and you got me :P
so I hope someone out there enjoy the stories as much as I do.

Everything that I post I do my best to be made by myself, if it happens that you familiar with materials that I'm using, feel free to let me know who should I give credit to or ask me to remove it if the owner refuse to share it :) 

~and if you happens to use or take any materials or posts in this blog please let me know and proper credit will be appreciated.  

Let's start blogging!!

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