Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Japanese Food -Omurice-

I present you the best Omurice in the world!!!

video credit to INSIDER FOOD

Omurice or オムライス are one of Japanese-western influenced cuisine, yet today it becomes something that is very Japanese, from home-made cuisine to exclusive west dinning restaurant around Japan have this menu. Omu or Omelette and rice the name alone explains everything so its omelette over usually friend rice. The picture I posted are Omurice made by a restaurant in Kyoto, Yoshokuya Eat, Eat. declared as world most delicious omurice, once the chef slice the omelette open on top of the omelette he will pour a sauce made of wagyu beef, how is that even possible... I love omelette and I love beef... the chef is such a genius XD 
And I know one Hey!Say!JUMP member who are in love with omurice... yes! its Daichan! I wonder if he ever taste this, I sure love to see his expression as he eat this!

Okay I think I know what kinda face he'll make... like Itadaki High Jump episode 45 where all the members of JUMP doing a challenge to guess the price of lunch set in an expensive restaurant. Daiki make that face when omurice was mentioned, oh Daichan XD

Itadaki High JUMP pictures credit to ride-with-mii.livejournal.com

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