Monday, 1 August 2016

DEAR. Album breaks record!!

You think Dragon Balls are rare? Pikachu is rare? Then I challenge you to get ALL these balls....!!!

The rarest balls, gotta catch 'em all!!

Items  : JUMP Signature Balls
Skill    : Bouncing if throw
Equip  : Hand (?)
Status : Ultra Rare ++
Effect  : Fuzzy feeling in your chest...yeah I'm an RPG fans...^^;;

Congratulation Hey!Say!JUMP for breaking his record one more time!
I read a good news about our beloved group, that DEAR. their 5th album sold 141.079 copies on the first day of its official release!! It said to be 50k more than JUMPing Car Album.
It seems many fans really expecting to hear JUMP's mature and cool musics.
So if you truly love them, dont forget to get the original copies *wink

But other than this wonderful news, there are also a disturbing rumor, some tobikko are complaining on twitter that someone/people buying penlight in large quantity and then attempted to sell them at a very high price!

I mean, please... dont use others happiness for personal gain. Not all tobikko can come to the concert so some desperate to at least own the goodies. I think this person trying to sell JUMP goodies in high price are not fans or even not someone who like JUMP. They just businessman/woman who only thinks of their own profit.

Its fine to sell concert goodies, but be reasonable, how can someone sell it twice from its original price, its rare, yes but if they are part of the reason of why it becomes rare than they dont have the right to rise the price so high! its called monopoly not doing business. 

Even Japanese company takes customers feeling into consideration, when they rising their price...after decades...even if its just 20 yen from original price, they make public apology, its a positive attitude that we should copy, ne~

SO do smart business but not greedy...

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