Thursday, 18 August 2016

Itadaki High JUMP 2015.12.16

the clueless JUMP eating Nabe ^^;;

Hi tobikko tachi, this time Throwback Thursday is about Itadaki High JUMP aired on Dec 16th.
Its when the staff found out that after so many episodes filming, when they asked their opinions to make the show better, the thing JUMP writes in the report are always, always about complaining and dissatisfaction with another JUMP, and it has been escalated. Oh no that is so sad.
And so, in order to make everyone gets along better the staff decides to gather everyone in a secret episode and spill the problems out.
So all the clueless JUMP invited to sit around at the round table, sharing Nabe, nyummm, I love Nabe...
And when the staff tells them the real issue for this episode I guess the air changed and gets a bit tense hehehehe.
So the first complaint came from Yamachan, during episode where he has to help a little girl who never spend a day with a man, Inoochan holds an important role to plays as dad and daughter with a young actor to show how father and daughter should be, however instead of showing Yamachan what to do, Inoochan was having fun on his own ^^;;
Next, it was Chinen and Keito who really mad at Yabuchii for doing nothing when the two visited the haunted spots while they both has no idea that they were visiting a super creepy places, even worse he only watched while giggling from a van, when Keito explains this to Yamachan he makes a completely annoyed look and Yamachan said "I know you're upset, but dont give that look to me, you make me uncomfortable." hehehehe
The shows went on to discuss more of complaints to other members from Yuya childish act, his made-up scary voice to Inoochan's cheat to win a race. My oh my.
But now that every anger and every unpleasant things happening during 2015 filming has been let out, everyone feels a lot better. And so as the closing for this episode they have to write a New Years wishes and they decided Yuya as the representative and write their wishes. But...
As Yuya took the pen and press it... he got stunts by the electric pen hehehehe.
Yes the one with most complains has to be punish and that is you Yuyan :P 
Yuya supposedly becomes a Wild Member yet he failed to do that so for next year he promises... to give good reaction... everyone goes "what is that mean?! what do you mean with good reaction?" hahahaha oh Yuyan

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