Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hika VS Inoochan #1

Hika and Inoochan

Maybe Hika, well not maybe, obviously Hika is manlier than Inoochan in almost anything, but did you know that Inoochan is better than Hika at something? well no, not academically, but something else, have you guess it?
Yes, flirting, LOL, here some of the proves Inoochan knows better what to do with girls

Taken from Radirer Saturday

girl : so i was in a video call, after that i go to take bath, of course i take all my clothes off, and use my phone app to listen radirer saturday at the same time. After a while i realized i forgot to stop the video call.....
hikaru : ehhh?!?! So who was you video call with??
girl : with my friends in a group chat
hikaru : hey stop that baka!!
(asking the girl) is that only girls are in the group?
girl : yeah, its girls only
hikaru : oh thanks god
ino–chan : so what were they saw? can you tell us?
hikaru : hey what are you asking?!
girl : umm...
hikaru :you dont need to answer this , its okay
ino–chan : can you tell us? can you tell us?
Listener's mail : I'm 16, and I study in girls school . Sometimes we change our   clothes in classroom very slowly , just to escape from the physic's lesson. When the male teacher come over we just shout "dont open the door! We are still changing our clothes!"for like 15minutes, our teacher was pissed off.
Ino-chan : Well , if I were the teacher I will straight get in to the classroom.
Hikaru : I'm soooo glad that you are not being teacher!
Ino-chan : If I were a teacher , all the girls student will got crush on me , that will be a trouble.
Hikaru : You are the biggest trouble in HSJ...
Listener's mail : Inoo-kun , I like you so much! My sister is a huge fan of you too! We listen to Radirer Saturday together every week!
Ino-chan : Alright , from now on , every Saturday night , I belong to you and your sister , just do anything on me.
Hikaru : Dont flirt with listeners! What a terrible guy!
Listener's phone call : Please answer it in 3 seconds . You will die soon without what? 3,2,1!
Hikaru : Oxygen !
Ino-chan : You.
Listener's phone call : My Ichiban is Hikaru-kun...
Hikaru : Thank you very much!
Ino-chan : No , your Ichiban is me , but you just too shy to tell that, right?
Hikaru : Inoo Kei why are you so anooooooooying!!

compilation credit to Hey Say JUMP World

Current Score
Hika : 0
Inoochan : 1

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